About Us

Welcome Home

It’s highly likely that, if you’ve found yourself here, you are at least an exploratory, honorary member of The Blessed Tribe–an unassuming, eccentric band of humans bent toward freedom from the mundane.

In 2012, Jacob Nordby’s words carved out a sacred space and issued souls worldwide a license to unleash their own particular brand of weird.

Blessed are the weird people…

Poets, misfits, writers, mystics, heretics,

Painters, and troubadours…

For they teach us to see the world through different eyes.

The catching nature of this bit of prose surprised no one more than the author, himself, and he watched, awestruck, as a global online colony adopted his words as their rallying cry. This community and conversation has since become something much bigger than one man and his pen, inspiring millions to embrace eccentricity as the road to personal freedom.

In the safety of these soulish stomping grounds, allow your thirsty roots to plunge into a new, nourishing soil. Stay a while. Rest your travel-weary feet.

We’ve been waiting for you.