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The world wants its soul back…

This book is for highly sensitive people who have felt out of place in the modern world. It provides a narrative that describes how they fit into a lineage of creatives throughout history, and how their gifts are needed during this precise era of “new renaissance” on Earth.

In this book, author Jacob Nordby offers a bold new definition of success in the modern era.

The only success now is living and creating a work-of-art life: unique, rich with meaning, naked of anything we don’t care about, and ruthless about carving out something absolutely real from a world that has gorged itself on fakeness and become critically ill from it. The only failure now is pulling back from that quest because of fear.

Expanding upon his short original “Blessed Are the Weird” piece that became a viral phenomenon, he traces the roots of soulful artistry and creation to ancient times and back again to reveal the insistent, eternal quest of our true natures that demands something real—as if our very existence depends upon it.

The world wants its soul back…

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What Others Are Saying About Blessed Are the Weird

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“Blessed are those who read this bold and brilliant book and heed its call. Nordby passionately captures the heart and soul of creative change agents of the past, thereby giving us the inspiration and permission to be as wildly weird and courageously creative as we truly are, now.

We weirdos need this book in order to appreciate that we come from a daring and determined lineage that is devoted not only to unleashing the personal soul, but also the global soul. If there’s any time to be weird, it’s now. And, Jacob Nordby is lighting the way for us all.”

—SERA BEAK, author of Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story

“BLESSED ARE THE WEIRD is a clarion call for those who stand outside traditional norms (whether externally, internally, or both) to rise up and boldly share our artistic expressions and passionate voices with the world. Jacob Nordby’s words, heart, and bold commitment to positive change during these tumultuous times are needed now more than ever. I’m honored to call him a friend and brother on this path.”

— CHRIS GROSSO, author of Indie Spiritualist, Everything Mind, and the forthcoming Dead Set on Living

“In Jacob Nordby I find a faithful mystic who knows what we are rarely told: that we are here not only to be embodied souls, but to live an ensouled life, a life guided by our deepest longings. Many nod in enthusiastic agreement but are afraid to lead the messy, magnificent and uncertain life to which we are called. Keep a copy of Blessed are the Weird nearby. It will remind us of that which we already know but too easily forget. It will encourage us to be weird and brave and whole.”

— ORIAH MOUNTAIN DREAMER, author of The Invitation

“This is one of those life-changing books you stumble upon every once in a great while. The kind of book that not only makes you think, but actually makes you FEEL differently—about yourself, about the world, and about your purpose in it.

This book is crazy powerful. If you’re a Weird Person you will get it, deeply and instantaneously. And it will change your life.

— LAUREN SAPALA, author of The INFJ Writer – Cracking the Creative Genius of the World’s Rarest Type

“There is something familiar about Nordby’s words – not because I have heard them before but because they feel so authentic and honest – it’s as if a part of me is being awakened and I feel this is as much my story as it is Jacob’s. If you are reading these words, I suspect this book is for you too. Although it may not resonate with everyone if you are or long to pursue a creative, soul-filled and soulful life, this book will touch you in a thousand beautiful and heart opening ways. I can imagine sitting around the campfire listening to Jacob Nordby tell of his journey and our collective journey. This is not a book you’ll read once, enjoy and then forget. Rather it will be a book you will want to keep in your briefcase or backpack to read and share. There are laugh out loud moments and other times when you find yourself with watery eyes. Most of all you will deeply feel that you are on the right path, that you belong  and that many of those you’ll meet along the way are from your tribe.”

— PAUL S. BOYNTON, author of Begin with Yes – A Short Conversation that will Change Your Life Forever


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The Words That Started It All

During a decidedly strange moment in his own life, Jacob Nordby penned words that set the Internet on fire:

Blessed are the weird people…

Poets, misfits, writers, mystics, heretics,

Painters, and troubadours…

For they teach us to see the world through different eyes.

At a moment when he could do nothing other than obey the pull toward life’s unexplored and unusual places, Jacob realized that those words sparked by his own freedom were able and perhaps even intended to remove life’s shackles from those he would come to know as “fellow travelers.” Millions were touched by this broad-stroked call to weirdness, flocking to a Facebook community and inspired in-person gatherings where they could connect with other seekers and creatives.

In half a decade as the keeper and curator of The Weirds, it became clear to Jacob that a certain demographic craved more: greater license, specificity, and recognition as they traversed the winding road of life design and liberation.

As The Tribe continually offered material and inspiration for a longer-form work, he nurtured a growing hope that his words might inspire soulful creativity that could help humans answer the question of purpose and meaning in an era starving for both.

This book is not about convincing individuals of their weirdness or the value of that quality in others – it explores the valuable, unique manifestation of oddity in each of us, powerful enough to bring about revolution and redemption. On this narrative journey throughout history, readers are reminded that creative genius is the birthright and imperative of human nature and not limited to a chosen few.

Heartfelt and humorous in places, this book provides comfort to those who have felt that the modern world had no place for their “weirdness,” and it serves as a call to action for those who desire to come step into a richer and more fulfilling existence. While not primarily a book about political or social change, the author demonstrates that real progress begins within our own arms’ reach—at home and in our own backyards.

Ultimately this is an invitation for humans to seize the advantages of our day and create lives that are works of art.

About the Author

Jacob Nordby is an award winning novelist, essayist, and podcast host. He is the author of the new release, Blessed Are the Weird – A Manifesto for Creatives and his first novel, The Divine Arsonist – A Tale of Awakening. He leads a worldwide conversation on social media via his Facebook author page and Blessed Are the Weird community page. He is the founder and teacher of the Creative UnBootcamp online course for writers (and those who want to be), and founder of the indie press Manifesto Publishing House